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The Last Heart Attack CNN Dr Sanjay Gupta bill clintonDr. Sanjay Gupta explores the signs, tests, and lifestyle changes that could result in “The Last Heart Attack.” During the documentary, Dr. Gupta interviewed former President Bill Clinton regarding his 2004  quadruple bypass heart surgery and his resulting change to a vegan lifestyle — the major life change that he credits with his present good health.

In his documentary, Dr. Gupta also talks to doctors who are successfully helping patients prevent heart attacks.

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“I was lucky I didn’t die of a heart attack,” the former president tells Dr. Gupta. “It hurt like the devil for about three weeks …,” he continued, describing a slow recovery following his 2004 surgery. “There was that period when you’re just not sure you can come back – that bothered me,” Clintonsays in the documentary.

Dr. Gupta, who has a family history of heart disease, reviews the latest science in heart disease diagnostics and takes his own assessment tests. Dr. Gupta is on a quest to never have a heart attack himself. His goal is to become “heart attack proof.”

Clinton underwent quadruple bypass heart surgery at age 58, but he tells Dr. Gupta that he feels even better now as he nears age 65 – and, he is setting new fitness goals. He credits a large share of his progress to adopting a vegan lifestyle.

The Last Heart Attack

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