May 012012

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lose weight without dieting

Looking for good way to lose weight? Stop dieting and start living!  Follow these top 10 tips to lose weight without dieting.

Currently 66% of America’s population is overweight and nearly one-third are obese. But at the same time we are spending over $60 billion on dieting and weight loss products each year.

Something is wrong when people can be persuaded to spend billions of dollars on questionable, unhealthy, and even dangerous products. It’s likely that a quick 5 to 10 pounds will come off,  then your old eating habits return. If you do stick with it to attain your weight goal, you may still find yourself back at the same weight or higher in a few months. So why don’t diets work?

That’s simple—you have to lose the diet. It is the obsessive thoughts about food, weight, diets, and body image that consume our lives. We need to experience an internal change for lasting results. We need to re-program ourselves to change the way we think about eating. Because of dieting, we may have completely disconnected from the joy of food, our culture, and the joy of sharing a meal with family and friends.

10 tips on how to lose weight without dieting

Check out these 10 tips on how to lose weight without dieting — Stop Dieting and Start Living:

1. Stop thinking about it as a diet. Instead, think of it as a healthy lifestyle makeover. You want to find healthy foods you enjoy, in amounts that don’t cause weight gain. You will often be surprised at how many healthy foods you enjoy.

2. Drop the word diet altogether. Diets can be depressing, and make you feel deprived, alienated or generally unhappy. Most diets focus on what you can’t have—think positively about the healthy choices you do have.

3. Use visualization. See the “new you” as a person who can eat when hungry, make healthy choices, and stop when you are full—maybe someone a little leaner, and a bit more confident. Stand tall, take a deep breath, and celebrate.

lose weight without dieting4. Don’t allow yourself to get too hungry, thirsty or tired. The biggest problem with most diets is they don’t allow enough calories so you’re hungry and tired, without enough energy to accomplish everything you need to do in one day. Snack smartly, and drink plenty of water.

5. Get active. If you don’t add exercise, you will lose lean muscle mass as well as fat and water weight. When you lose muscle, your metabolism is slowed even further and you would have to eat even fewer calories per day to continue to lose weight. Isn’t being active a part of your new lifestyle anyway?

6. Ask for help. Get help wherever you can find it, and choose something that works for you. That may be a registered dietitian, a hypnotherapist, life coach, yoga instructor, or your medical doctor. You don’t have to go it alone.

7. Make simple changes first: cut down your portion size, and stock your pantry with healthier versions of your favorite foods.  Remember on serving size of protein should be about the size of a deck of cards.

8. Don’t cut out your favorite foods. Deprivation can lead to re-bound eating. Instead of cutting out your favorite foods altogether, be a slim shopper. Buy one fresh bakery cookie instead of a box, or a small portion of candy or baked goods.

9. Try the mini-meal plan. Studies show that people who eat 4-5 meals or snacks per day are better able to control their appetite and weight, and have more energy . Eating most of your calories earlier in the day is a better option for staying healthy, and decreasing the possibility of weight gain.

10. Spice it up. Adding spices to your food to boost flavor stimulates your taste buds, and can help you feel satisfied.

And finally, use common sense. If you’re a dieter you could probably write a book on dieting, fat grams, and how many carbs are in a bagel. Portion size works, saturated fats are bad, cut back on sugar. You already know what works, just keep practicing.

Imagine a lifelong program eating healthy foods that make you feel good about yourself, along with exercise you enjoy. I think it’s called balance, and isn’t that what life is all about?

Wouldn’t you like to lose weight without dieting? Then Stop Dieting and Start Living!

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