Nov 152011

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holiday eatingHolidays can be all about abundance or, often, overabundance.  It’s said that the average holiday weight gain is two pounds a year, and if you don’t take it off, it adds up over time.

To taste good, foods don’t need gobs of butter, cream, and excess sodium.  With light versions on classic dishes, the holidays can be a time for healthy celebrations.  The foods can be nutritious and delicious using high-impact flavors like fresh herbs, spices and seasonal fruits and vegetables.

I’ve also noticed that in this past year, many people are paying more attention to diet, becoming vegans, or eating gluten free,with great success.  Whatever works for you, I’ve compiled some great sites, and a variety of recipes to taunt every palate.

turkey-dinnerThe Bird:

The Stuffing:

Potato — Mashed, Sweet or both?

Healthy sides:


I know I am slipping into dangerous territory here, so I’ll just say that this is the one course where you don’t have to forgo all of your favorites.  Indulge, but just a little.  For something different though, check out these sweet and nutritious sweets.

Vegan Holiday Menu:

Gluten free Holiday Menu

Most importantly – Focus on the fun — the holidays aren’t just about food. They’re about friends and family too. Use the season to spend time catching up with friends and loved ones, and participating in community events. Bring the focus away from eating and celebrate the people in your life. With just a little bit of discipline, you’ll have your own great recipe for the holidays, without regret next time you step on the scale.


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